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Please email jlnapier@att.net or call us at 505-220-2988 to discuss your car’s current equipment, your goals and how quickly you want to move ahead.  This will allow us to determine the parameters for your turbo kit.   Things like turbo sizing, injector sizing, horsepower levels and how to get there are but a few of the questions we’d like to answer before you send us a deposit.  We also want you to understand that if we take your deposit we plan to start on your kit right away.  This means that if we are booked out in advance we will tell you that up front and ask how you want to proceed.  We really do not want your deposit and then have you sit waiting for some news about your kit.

That waiting is one of the most damaging things a company can do to its’ public image!   Beyond that, it’s been done to all of us.  We didn’t like it then and we don‘t like it now. 

Once we get agreement for the game plan with you it normally takes about 45 days to get your kit shipped to you.  That isn’t cast in concrete but our very serious goal.  Of course, if we can do it sooner nothing will make us happier.  We also deal with at least ten different vendors on almost every kit and sometimes they are out of the part we need to finish your kit.  If that happens YOU will be the first to know and we will keep you abreast of the progress.  We won’t dodge your calls and won’t tell you what we think you want to hear.  We respect our customers and we expect the same.  So let’s break it down.

1.  Call or write

2.  We’ll discuss your needs and goals

3.  We’ll determine with you what’s the next step

4.  We’ll tell you how soon we can get it done

5.  We ask for your deposit if appropriate

6.  We’ll keep you informed of progress

7.  We’ll get you a quality product with quality service

Quality is really simple.  It isn’t always the cheapest deal.  It isn’t always the fastest deal.  In the long run it is always the best deal.  That’s where we want to play in this game and we hope you agree.  Thanks very much!

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