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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How fast are your turbo kits at the drag strip?

A.  *The Cobra 4V Twin Turbo kit has gone 11:20 ET and 132 MPH at the drag strip as seen on the video link.  More to follow.  *The Modular 2V Twin Turbo kit has gone 11:11 ET and 128.8 MPH at the strip, no video yet.  More to follow.   

Q.  Do your turbo’s drain back oil to the pan well?

A.  The position of our Turbo’s was driven in part from our experience with other kits that sit low in the chassis, almost all of those other kits have severe oil drain back problems and smoke due to oil backing up in the return line, ours does not.  This oil back up can lead to turbo failure or engine problems due to detonation.  Detonation is not your engine’s friend, unless of course you like to spend a lot of money on rebuilds!

Q.  What is your companies experience level on turbo kits?

A.  Our team has built over 250 turbo kits.

Q.  How long has Turbo HorsePower been in business?

A  Turbo Horsepower opened in January of 2005; the parent company has been in business for over 12 years…longer than any of the “other” turbo companies out there.

Q.  I like the looks of your kit, how does it perform?

A.  This twin kit recently made 933 RWHP on 15 degress of timing and 22-23 pounds of boost.  There is still a lot of HP left here on these very conservative tuning numbers.

Q.  If I order, how long before I get my kit?

A.  We are trying to get kits out in 45 days from receipt of verified funds for the 70% deposit. 

Q.  Do your turbo kits create a lot of heat in the engine bay?

A Horsepower and heat are of course related.  Our kit does not add a lot of heat into the engine bay because the kit is Ceramic Coated and it sits behind the radiator where the engine fan blows on it.   If it sat in front of the radiator that would be a different story as it would heat soak the radiator and diminish cooling. 

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