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Frequently Asked Questions About the 3V GT Single Turbo Kit

When can I get a kit? 

We have 3 Valve kits available and in stock most of the time for very quick turn around.  Please call and we'll check on current inventory.

How do I order?

Call 505-220-2988 or go online at www.turbohorsepower.com

When will we see numbers?   

We have posted the dyno graphs.  The Basic kit makes 467 RWHP @ 6#s boost, 517 RWHP @ 8#s boost and 567 RWHP @ 12#s boost (with the stock clutch slipping...dyno owner said it should have made about 30 HP more if the clutch held).  

When will we see pictures? 

Pictures are up and available.  Call or email for more detailed pictures.          

Does the kit use headers or cast iron manifolds? 

kit uses the stock cast iron manifolds, which is a first for us.  The reason is to keep the entry level price point lower for customers who have been asking for this for a long time.

What size is the basic turbo and what are those options? 

The basic Turbo is a Garrett 61MM which is a much more efficient turbo than the 60MM series or the 60-1 which is older technology.  Optional Turbos are the 67MM, the 76MM and the 88 MM, all in ceramic or ball bearing.

Will Turbo HorsePower come out with other similar Mustang Turbo kits for the other years of Mustangs? 

Yes, We always try to meet our customer needs.  Our customers will tell us that answer.

Thank you to all of our great customers!

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